Low-Code Application Development with Appian

The practitioner’s guide to high-speed business automation at enterprise scale using Appian

Stefan Helzle

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My History

I started working with Appian in 2010 while working as a freelancing business analyst. Before this, my career was very technical, covering web development, embedded, avionics and a ton of smaller and larger personal, side, and hobby projects.

I decided to dedicate my professional live to enable digital transformation at my clients. Starting as a freelancer, I joined a start-up in 2015 and built a team of 30 Appian practitioners in Germany and Netherlands and implemented quite some projects for different clients. I gave many trainings to colleagues and clients, and tried to be a good mentor and coach.

At PricewaterhouseCoopers I develop the German Appian business in close collaboration with my global colleagues.

The Book

In April 2021 the publisher Packt contacted me with the idea of writing a book about the Appian low-code platform. After thinking about it for a few milliseconds, I knew I had to do it. Using the ideas and content of the Appin trainings I did before, I started to write an outline. The guidelines provided by Packt where a great help in shaping the books structure.

I wanted to write a book about Appian. But not only about the technology and how to create user interfaces and process models. This is pretty simple. But I wanted to empower my readers to start as Appian developers, become designers and hopefully transition to Appian consultants. And this requires so much more than just understanding Appian.

With Appian, technology is not the challenge anymore, but became an enabler for true business process automation. Now we need people who help companies overcome their own organizational legacy and transform great processes into gorgeous software.

Reader’s Feedback

“Excellent content. Focused on precise topics…. excellent work”

“Read you book as a preparation for my new job as an automation program manager. Brilliant!”

“I bought your hard copy and till now read it fully like 6 – 7 times and every time its Something new like reading it for the first time.”