Appian Rocks Podcast

Appian Rocks dives deep into designing process-driving applications. Listen to three guys who made it their mission to design the best solutions possible using Appian.

You can look forward to: Design deep dives, BPM philosophy, software engineering, version reviews and interviews with a varied cast of guests.

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Date Title Duration
17. May 2023 07:50 Technical Debt
Technical debt can be a curse or a blessing, even in Appian and low-code.
26. April 2023 14:27 Reusability in Appian
Reusing pieces of code is an important aspect of developing software in Appian.
29. March 2023 08:49 Impact of an Appian project on an Organization
We discuss what the deployment of a Appian application means for the way people work.
22. February 2023 08:44 From a business process to a technical process
We talk about the differences of a business process and a technical process and how to go from one to the other.
1. February 2023 08:16 Developing software the easy way
We are talking about what it takes to achieve the promise of easy software development with Appian.
23. November 2022 08:23 The kick-off event with a very special guest
I interview Malcolm Ross, VP Product Strategy at Appian, talking about him, and Appian as company and software.