Appian Rocks Podcast

Appian Rocks dives deep into designing process-driving applications. Listen to three guys who made it their mission to design the best solutions possible using Appian.

You can look forward to: Design deep dives, BPM philosophy, software engineering, version reviews and interviews with a varied cast of guests.

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Date Title Duration
13. September 2023 13:05 The Last Line of Defense
Throw error messages at other developers as a means of communication, making an application more robust, and safe a ton of time when debugging.
17. August 2023 12:48 Book Lottery Feedback
From the topics requested by the participant of my book lottery, we picked "Querying Records", "Composable Architecture" and "Integration Error Handling" for our todays conversation.
12. July 2023 07:54 The Art of Prototyping
We discuss the possibilities of prototyping in Appian as a style of creative communication in projects.
14. June 2023 09:03 Developers - Designers - Consultants
Follow us into a deep dark rabbit hole discussing the people, skills and roles required in Appian projects.
17. May 2023 07:50 Technical Debt
Technical debt can be a curse or a blessing, even in Appian and low-code.
26. April 2023 14:27 Reusability in Appian
Reusing pieces of code is an important aspect of developing software in Appian.
29. March 2023 08:49 Impact of an Appian project on an Organization
We discuss what the deployment of a Appian application means for the way people work.
22. February 2023 08:44 From a business process to a technical process
We talk about the differences of a business process and a technical process and how to go from one to the other.
1. February 2023 08:16 Developing software the easy way
We are talking about what it takes to achieve the promise of easy software development with Appian.
23. November 2022 08:23 The kick-off event with a very special guest
I interview Malcolm Ross, VP Product Strategy at Appian, talking about him, and Appian as company and software.